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Registration works upon an invitation scheme. If you would like to access the Plastic Surgeon portal please get in touch with your account manager, the customer services team or send a registration request via email.

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Portal Details

All Plastic Surgeon Fine Finishers carry the latest iPhone running our custom built Mobile Finisher software.

All repair details are captured in real time with before and after pictures of the work undertaken. Along with details of location, item and material the before and after images are accessible in high resolution through the portal.

We can run Repair Clinics at your sites or premises or at our training centre in Devon.

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Document Pickup


The Plastic Surgeon portal provides you quick and easy access to copies of all supporting paperwork.

PDF downloads of order correspondance, site instructions, signed work completion records and invoices are all available to registered users of the portal. With live updates being published by the Plastic Surgeon field and head office teams you can stay on top of your repair requirements for your entire project.

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Live Updates

Live Updates

Access live progress updates on your open orders and review any recently completed orders including a full repair summary with images.

With live customer service journals, booking dates and assigned finisher details available through the portal you can easily maintain visibility of your repair from start to finish.

All updates are in real time from our field and head office based staff.

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